At Taverna, we are experts in the white cheeses you are familiar with from the diverse cuisine of the Mediterranean. We love salted, creamed, firm and delicate cheeses that can be used in both hot and cold cuisine. You can read more about selected cheeses from Taverna here and look forward to tasting good, clean products which have been manufactured by using the best cow and goat’s milk and has precisely the right taste.

grilling cheese

Grilling cheese

Grilling cheese with chilli

Grilling cheese with pesto

Taverna Finest

Taverna Finest goat’s milk cheese

Taverna Finest salad cheese in block

Taverna Finest salad cheese in cubes

Salad cheese in block

Salad cheese in portions

Salad cheese

Salad cheese in oil

Marinated salad cheese

Marinated salad cheese with olives

Marinated salad cheese with garlic

Marinated salad cheese with chilli

Salad cheese cubes

Salad cheese cubes, natural

Salad cheese cubes with garlic and parsley

White cooking cheese

Classisk salad cheese

Creamy white cheese



Domyati in cup

Greek feta

Greek feta

Greek organic feta



Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt 10%

Greek yogurt 2%

Recipes with Taverna