•  200 g Taverna Finest goat’s milk cheese
  •  250-300 g chicken breast
  •  2 eggs
  •  300 g coarse grain oatmeal
  •  75 g mixed salad leaves
  •  200 g cherry tomatoes
  •  100 g cranberries
  •  50 g walnuts
  •  Oil for frying
  •  Salt and pepper


  •  50 ml water
  •  2 tbsp lemon juice
  •  1 tbsp oil
  •  2 tbsp apple vinegar
  •  3½ tbsp honey
  •  Salt and pepper

Goat’s cheese salad with crispy chicken

There are plenty of vegetables in this delicious salad with chicken and goat’s cheese. A delicious mealtime salad for dinner, lunch or the picnic basket.

This recipe has been developed by Samantha Fotheringham, who blogs under the same name.


Take out a blender and add water, lemon juice, honey, oil, apple vinegar and a small sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Let the blender run for about 1 minute, until the dressing has a light colour and a slightly thicker consistency.

Season with salt and pepper.

Chop up the walnuts and cranberries coarsely.

Rinse the salad leaves and cut the tomatoes in half down the centre.

Prepare the breadcrumb coating by mixing salt and pepper with the oatmeal in one bowl, and in another bowl, whisking together the eggs.

Cut the chicken breasts lengthways to make about 4 flat fillets.

Cut them into 1.5-2 cm strips and place in a bowl.

Dip the chicken breasts in the breadcrumbs, firstly dipping them into the eggs and then in the oatmeal.

Repeat the process until there is no more chicken left.

Pour some oil into a hot frying pan and fry the chicken at medium heat until it is golden and crispy.

Pour a little more oil in each time you add another portion of chicken to the pan.

Arrange the salad, tomatoes, cranberry, walnuts and goat’s cheese evenly onto 4 plates.

There should be about 50 g of goat’s cheese on each plate.

Divide the dressing between the 4 plates and finally add the crispy chicken.

Serve with baguettes or slices of bread.

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